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Bugatti is an automotive brand with more than a hundred years of history, ups and downs, and periods of failure and universal recognition. Bugatti are chic, elegant, professional, and exclusive sports racing cars, members of the French luxury car family. Today, Bugatti cars are a symbol of sophistication and elegance, combining both bold technological solutions and unique design. Few people managed to capture the imagination of the sophisticated public as much as did the founder of the legendary brand Ettore Bugatti and his followers, who equated the automotive industry with art.

Meaning and History

Bugatti Logo history

Italian-born Ettore Bugatti showed great interest in engineering and automotive industry since teenage years, worked for several manufacturers and by 1909 had enough experience and enthusiasm to found his own car-manufacturing company Automobiles E.Bugatti. He was determined to build nothing but the best vehicles of the time and began constructing exquisitely beautiful and technically superior automobiles that were destined to win racing trophies.

Looking for an appropriate logo to complete his extraordinary cars, Ettorio approached his father who was an influential designer and artist in Milan. Carlo Bugatti came up with an oval-shaped emblem that would be associated with the glorious car make for years to come. It was designed in red, white and black colors that represented passion and power, splendor and excellence respectively. However, there are two popular legends explaining the appearance of sixty red dots on white bordering.

According to a more sublime history, supported by the Bugatti family, they represent pearls, highlighting the excellence and grandeur of their automobiles. Yet, the red color of the dots hints that the design might have been inspired by safety wires that could be seen on Bugatti engines at the time.

The company was proud to have an extremely high level of assembly so no gaskets were required, with safety wires used instead. ‘Bugatti’ in bold letters and stylized Ettore Bugatti initials on red background complete the emblem. This logo has not changed through the long history of the company and still represents arguably the most luxurious and technically accomplished automobile manufacturer.

1909 – 1963

Bugatti Logo 1909

The very first Bugatti badge, introduced in 1909, stayed unchanged for more than half a century and became a basis for several following redesigns. This iconic badge, created at the beginning of the 20th century, has become an inevitable part of the company’s identity and its main signifier. The solid red oval, set horizontally, was embedded with sixty red dots around its white framing and accompanied by a bold white wordmark in the center, and a delicate black monogram on top.

1963 – 2007

Bugatti Logo 1963

The redesign of 1963 has played with the typeface of the “Bugatti” lettering, making the shapes of the characters more traditional and rounded. All other elements remained untouched, and so is the color scheme of the Bugatti visual identity.

2007 – 2022

Bugatti Logo 2007

In 2007 the white frame of the red Bugatti medallion was switched to silver-gray, with the black outlined removed from the composition. In the new palette, the logo of the famous automaker started looking smoother and more sophisticated.

2015 – 2022

Bugatti Logo 2015

Another version of the Bugatti badge was created for the company in 2015, keeping all the iconic elements in their places, but executing the emblem in a three-dimensional manner. The gray frame became silver, and gained some white gradients in its upper part, while the rest of the badge got a glossy voluminous surface, hence the white lettering in the center started looking brighter.

2022 – Today

Bugatti Logо

The most dramatic changes were applied to the Bugatti badge in 2022. This year the super minimalistic version of the logo for the luxury automaker was introduced. The new concept of the Bugatti visual identity is composed of just a bold uppercase logotype in black, placed against a transparent background, with no additional elements.


Bugatti Symbol

Bugatti logo is a three-colored oval-shaped figure. Sixty red dots that symbolize either pearls or safety wires are embedded into the narrow white bordering. The word ‘Bugatti’, carved of white letters with black shades, lies on the red font in the middle of the logo. The emblem is completed with a stylish EB trademark above the word, the initials of the great Ettore Bugatti, founder of the company.

Bugatti Emblem


Bugatti Car Symbol

The company’s emblem was designed by Ettore Bugatti’s father, who was a notable artist, jewelry designer and furniture manufacturer. He considered an oval shape to be a perfect representation of technology and elegance.Bugatti emblem


The main color of the Bugatti logo is red, which naturally demonstrates extreme power, passion and pleasure to drive. White stands for elegance and nobility, while black shades represent excellence and courage.

Bugatti car Emblem


Bugatti Emblem

Bugatti emblem

Bugatti Car Logo

Bugatti emblem

Bugatti logo

Bugatti symbol

Bugatti Company Logo

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