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Swedish car brands logotypes

Albeit the Swedish car industry is far from being the planet’s biggest vehicle makers, it plays a significant role in the national income. Export has much importance for the Swedish vehicle producers as 85% of Sweden autos are sold outside its borders. The export volume is much higher for Swedish bulky vehicles and it comes to up to 95%.

Today, Swedish vehicle brands are a standout amongst the most solid and reliable brands over the globe. Some of them are quite popular around the world and are the main reason behind bringing Sweden vehicle brands into the International market.

Without further ado, let’s review prominent Swedish car brands and their logotypes.

Major Swedish Car Companies

Being well-established in global automobile industry thanks to Volvo car brand, Swedish market isn’t confined to street cars only. It also boasts super-cars produced under Koenigsegg brand, and the Saab buses and busines vehicles are widely used in Europe and across its borders. Swedish auto maket is all about innovations and record-breaking limited edition models.


Volvo Logo

Founded: 14 April 1927
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Parent: Geely
Website: www.volvogroup.com

The Volvo Group isn’t just one the best Swedish auto manufacturers – it’s also the world’s leading producer of trucks, construction motors, buses, marine, and industrial autos. While the business focuses on production and distribution of the off-road and usual vehicles, it likewise supplies marine and industrial autos for financial services. It is a publicly-held organization.

The Volvo Group has become one of the world’s biggest makers of business vehicles: the sales volume has reached 300,000 units for each year. The Swedish vehicle brand sells its items in over 190 markets and has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries with around 1,000,000 employees.


Koenigsegg Logo

Founded: 1994
Founder: Christian von Koenigsegg
Headquarters: Ängelholm, Scania, Sweden
Owner: Christian von Koenigsegg
Website: www.koenigsegg.com

This Swedish vehicle organization focuses predominantly on making super cars, alternatively called as ‘Hypercars’. Koenigsegg vehicle brand was established in Sweden with the goal of delivering the world’s most prominent super-sports vehicle. In 2002, the organization presented its first street-legal production vehicle, CC V8 Supercharged (CC8S) and showcased it at the Geneva Motor Show in 2003. The clean, minimalistic, and stylish design makes the Koenigsegg so attractive for users. In 2002, their motor CC8S was marked in Guinness World Records as the most powerful engine in a series of cars.

Aside from creating, assembling and selling the Koenigsegg line of supercars, this Swedish vehicle brand additionally stepped up in “green” technologies that are now being used with Agera R. Their projects include plug-in electric cars and eco-friendly engines.

The logo of Koenigsegg reminds of the coat of arms, which supports the idea of sticking to traditions and highlights the fact that their cars are a truly royal pleasure for users.

Scania A-B

Swedish car brands Scania A-B logotype

Founded: 1891
Headquarters: Södertälje, Sweden
Parent: Volkswagen Group
Website: scania.com

Scania A-B, abbreviated for’ Scania Aktiebolag’, is among the main Swedish vehicle producers of business vehicles. It has expertise in creation of buses and large trucks. Moreover, it creates diesel motors for huge vehicles just as marine and general industrial vehicles. The logo of this Swedish vehicle brand demonstrates a griffin from the emblem of Scania, which represents the king of all.

Before the development of Scania A-B, Scania was a piece of Scania-Vabis brand. Today, Scania AB is completely owned by the German auto industry giant Volkswagen AG, shaping a part of its Volkswagen Truck and Bus GmbH affiliate.


Swedish car brands Caresto logotype

Founded: 1996
Founder: Leif Tufvesson
Website: www.caresto.se

Caresto is acclaimed for assembling the most solid sports vehicles. The founder of this company was working as a technician in Volvo and a head of the Development Department at Koenigsegg for 6 years. He reestablished classic autos, designed and created Hot Rod Sports Cars. After his experience with Koenigsegg, he founded his own organization, Caresto.

The Caresto vehicles are based on explicit client demands or created manually in the minimalistic, straightforward but exquisite style. This Swedish brand has presented numerous alterations of customary speedsters and hardtop cars which have been utilized in different Volvo vehicle shows, such as SEMA. Caresto has also created the limited edition of the C70 Volvo hard-top and won respectable rewards.

The minimalistic, aerodynamic style of the logotype has nothing extra – just like Caresto cars.

Saab Automobile AB

Saab Logo

Founded: 1945
Founder: Saab AB
Headquarters: Trollhättan, Sweden
Parent: National Electric Vehicle Sweden
Website: www.saabcars.com

Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish Car Company that was established when the Saab group started a project dedicated to automobile design. In 1949, their first model, ‘the Saab 92’ appeared. In almost 20 years, the company united with Scania-Vabis and ‘the Saab 900’ was propelled, which turned into the Saab’s top-rated vehicle. The Saab 900 was outfitted with another ‘Dark Panel’ highlight inspired by the aeronautics advances of the Saab Group.

In 1989, this Swedish vehicle maker reached the status of an autonomous organization. Soon after that, General Motors (GM) started owning 50% of the company; then it acquired the second half transforming Sweden Car Company into an entirely owned GM division. Later it was sold to Spyker Cars N.V.

After filing bankruptcy, Saab was purchased by other companies, but finally lost the license for production and stopped its activity. Like Scania, Saab also has the head of a griffon on its emblem.

Uniti Sweden AB

Swedish car brands Uniti Sweden AB logotype

Founded: January 2016
Founder: Lewis Horne
Headquarters: Tellusgatan 13, Lund, Sweden
Website: www.uniti.earth

In 2015, Uniti started as an open innovation research project with the goal of creating more eco-friendly cars not only for Sweden but for the entire planet. The venture formed into a very innovative company. In December 2017, Uniti divulged the last model prototype – U17.

Their development was funded via the crowdfunding campaign launched on the platform FundedByMe, which was supported by over 360 private investors from 29 countries. Overall, more than €1,6 mln was raised. Uniti offers not just an electric car – their model is jam-packed with various useful features including cloud-based services and active safety technologies. Their futuristic emblem supports the philosophy and goals.