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The most famous Dutch car brand is DAF trucks, now, along with Peterbilt, Leyland and Kenworth, owned by the giant concern PACCAR. The second place is occupied by Spyker supercars, which sharply raised their fame by participation in the “Formula 1”. And who else is there in the Netherlands? Let’s observe the worthiest Dutch car brands
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Dutch car brands Donkervoort logo

Founded: 1978
Founder: Joop Donkervoort
Headquarters: Lelystad, Netherlands
Website: www.donkervoort.com

Founded in 1978 as a result of Joop Donkervoort’s desire to make its own sports car, both the brand and the cars have become a symbol of freedom, driving with confidence and enjoying the road.

Starting with the small family house Joop in Tienhoven, Donkervoort has earned a reputation for its mixture of fashionable retro appearance and amazing power and handling. Although largely based on the Lotus 7, the car that started a new era in the 50s, Donkervoort cars are far from being as banal as it was often thought.

All Donkervoort models are handmade by a qualified craftsman. Until recently, all Donkervoort models were equipped with Ford engines, but the partnership was terminated in 1996 when a joint venture with Audi was established.

The first models were equipped with 2-liter OHC Ford engines, which were later replaced by Garret turbocharged engines. The Zetec and Cosworth engines were the last to be supplied by Ford and found their place under the Donkervoort hood.

All Donkervoort vehicles can and do look about the same, but they can be made to order. You can choose from a variety of options, ranging from color, bodywork materials and cabin finishes. However, the main quality of Donkervoort remains its controllability. The driver’s low position and high weight distribution, as well as very easy handling and braking, ensure a pleasant driving experience.


Dutch car brands Spyker logo

Founded: 1999
Founder: Maarten de Bruijn, Victor Muller
Headquarters: Zeewolde, Netherlands
Parent: Spyker N.V.
Owner: Peter van Erp
Website: www.spykercars.com

Spyker was founded in 2000 to revive the Spijker Dutch car brand that was founded in 1880 and produced cars from 1900 to 1926. Spijker was the largest Dutch car factory of the beginning of the century. The new company, Spyker is focusing producing supercars.

Since 2000, Spyker has been building luxury sports cars like the C8 Spyder and the C8 Laviolett. In 2014, the company went bankrupt, but was revived a year later. Since 2016, it has been producing several car models, and the C8 Preliator has become their new flagman car.

VDL NedCar

Dutch car brands VDL NedCar logo

Founded: 1967
Founder: Van Dorn brothers
Headquarters: Born, Netherlands
Owner: VDL Groep B.V.
Website: www.vdlnedcar.nl

VDL Groep is the factory that previously belonged to the companies Volvo and Mitsubishi Motors at different times. The capacity of the plant is about 200,000 vehicles per year. On October 4, 2000, the company produced its millionth car, which became Mitsubishi Space Star.

The factory was founded in 1967 by the Van Dorn brothers. In 1972, Volvo bought 33% of the shares of the passenger car division of DAF. In 1975, it increased its share to 75% and the factory was renamed Volvo Car B.V., and by 1976 the division was fully owned by Volvo. When financial difficulties threatened to close down the company in the early 1990s, the government helped. The joint venture between the Dutch state, Volvo and Mitsubishi started in August 1991, but the name was changed only in 1996 to Netherlands Car B.V. On 15 February 1990, the Dutch government sold its stake in Volvo and Mitsubishi. On 30 March 2001, Volvo sold its shares to Mitsubishi, which became the sole owner of NedCar. At the end of 2012, Mitsubishi stopped production of its cars at NedCar.


Dutch car brands Vencer logo

Founded: 2010
Founder: Robert Cobben
Headquarters: Vriezenveen, Netherlands
Owner: Robert Cobben
Website: www.vencer.nl

A supercar manufacturer, founded in 2010 by Robert Cobben in Vriezenveen and presenting its first Vencer Sarthe model in 2015. The model boasts a 6.3 liter motor with 622 hp. – that’s very inspiring!

Since 2012, Vencer specializes in original modifications of cars designed to emphasize the individuality of the car owner.

The range of Capt sports cars has a large number of configurations, and cars of this line are made to order, depending on the necessary characteristics. At the moment, another concept of the modified Capt is presented, which differs from its predecessors by its improved design and several technical innovations.