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Canadian car brands logotypes

Widely known for their eco-friendly and technically advanced cars, the Canadian automobile market is presented by many brands, even though not very popular. Read on to find out the information about companies representing the Canadian automobile industry. Besides, we’ll discuss the car logotypes and their meaning.

Major Canadian car brands

Canadian auto industry is one of the most well-established car markets in the world. Even though it cannot boast popular brands, it has contributed to the development of green technologies and smart electric cars.


Canadian car brands Prevost logotype

Founded: 1924
Headquarters: Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Canada
Parent: Volvo Buses (1995-present)

Prevost is a Canadian car maker situated in Quebec, Canada. The organization was established almost a century ago – in 1924, and produces business vehicles, for example, commercial buses and coaches. The company has recently acquired the transport maker Nova Bus. Starting from 2007, the Prevost is known to have over of 1,300 representatives that work in six distinct areas and service centers on North America. Probably, one of the best products of Prevost is the Prevost X3 (New York City Transit) and H3-45 used for Tai Pan Tours.

Their minimalistic logotype hints that the company positions itself as a serious manufacturer that makes premium cars.


Canadian car brands Intermeccanica logotype

Founded: 1959
Founder: Frank Reisner
Headquarters: New Westminster, Canada

This vehicle maker that was started in Torino, Italy, yet then moved to Canada. The organization is now ruled by Frank Reisner’s child, Henry Reisner, and has some expertise in assembling performance vehicles with expansive v8 motors. Some of the most popular vehicles presented by the organization incorporate the Griffith 600 Coupe, Italia Spyder, Indra, and Kubelwagen. The organization has also started working on a new generation of speedsters and roadsters and stays one of the top automobile producers in Canada.

Campagna Corporation

Canadian car brands Campagna Corporation logotype

Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Boucherville Quebec, Canada

Also called “T-Rex Vehicles”, this Canadian car producer was established in 1990. The organization is known for delivering the most powerful and reliable T-Rex type vehicles, which have two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back. Campagna, in spite of the fact that it has been AWOL for some time, is known to be one of the top vehicle makers in Canada having presented the T-Rex legacy of vehicles.

Although their logotype is nothing special (just letter C with Campagna word written in Italics), it looks quite elegant like the cars produced by the manufacturer.


Canadian car brands Bombardier logotype

Founded: 1942
Founder: Joseph-Armand Bombardier
Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Bombardier Recreational Products (usually referred to as ‘BRP’) is a Canadian car maker that practices essentially in creating snowmobiles, ATVs, and bikes. The organization has a heritage of technically advanced vehicle innovations and has likewise presented SportBoats and an assortment of other kinds of vehicles. The company keeps winning prestigious Canadian awards in the automobile industry, which proves the high quality of its creations. Probably the best cars of Bombardier incorporate the B12, the J5 tractor, and trailer, as well as the BR180 Snowcat.

The logotype with the gear wheel shows the company’s focus put on technologies and smart approach to car construction.

The Dynasty Electric Car Corporation


This is a Canadian Automobile maker of electric vehicles. The organization has a lot of experience in creating vehicles for the light, street and recreational business markets and has a scope of five distinct kinds of electric vehicles, including a van, mini pickup, car, and two other convertible forms. The vast majority of the vehicles presented by the organization have a low weight and are well known in 47 USA states. Now, the organization is owned by Pakistani automaker Karakoram Motors, yet at the same time has saved its factory in Canada.

ZENN Motor Company

Canadian car brands ZENN Motor Company logotype

Founded: 1993
Founder: Ian, Marek and Probyn “Bunny”

This is a Canadian car producer that has some expertise in delivering neighborhood electric vehicles or low-speed electric vehicles. The organization was established in 2000 and was first named ‘GoodCars’. As you can see on their emblem, ZENN is an abbreviation for “Zero Emission No Noise” and that is actually how their vehicles are assembled: amazingly calm with zero carbon dioxide discharges. The green lead on the simple and minimalistic logotype highlights these features – there’s nothing extra.

Gray-Dort Motors

Canadian car brands Gray-Dort Motors logotype

Founded: 1915
Founder: William Gray & Sons Company Ltd
Headquarters: Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Dim Dort Motors used to be a Canadian Automobile Manufacturer established in 1855. Around then, the organization didn’t actually maker cars, it was rather a carriage business. In any case, later in the mid-1900s, when William’s dad began building Ford bodies for the Walkersville manufacturing plant, the organization decided to put its focus on autos.

In 1915, the organization shaped an association with Flint and delivered two vehicles, in particular, the Model 5 touring car and the Model 4 Roadster. Afterward, in 1923, the organization went through the crisis it didn’t manage to overcome, so it stopped existing in 1925.

Their minimalistic and yet wit logotype was quite progressive at that time. The slogan “Own a Gray-Dort – You will like it” was an original choice.

McLaughlin Automobile

Canadian car brands McLaughlin Automobile logotype.png

Founded: 1869
Founder: Robert McLaughlin
Headquarters: Oshawa, Ontario

Like Gray-Dort, the organization began its way as a carriage business (it used to produce around 25,000 carriages annually). In 1907, the company began producing autos and had reached a high-profit volume pretty soon. McLaughlin later acquired the Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada and in 1915 blended the two organizations to shape General Motors of Canada Limited. Along these lines, this put the end to McLaughlin Automobile.

This is our chart of Canadian vehicle brands and their logos. All of the companies have an interesting history and have managed to contribute to the Canadian car market to some extent.