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Honda Logo Meaning and History

Honda Logo history

Soichiro Honda felt great passion for cars since he was a little boy. He was interested in everything connected with mechanics and auto producing industry. Not surprising that this self-taught gifted engineer always wanted to run his own auto making factory. In spite of all obstacles and downs throughout his career he was eventually noticed after designing his own pistons rings which made it possible for him to win a contract with Toyota.

Honda Company Logo

After WWII he eventually decided to set his own small motorbike company with further establishment of the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan. His motorcycles became very popular over the globe which helped him to obtain good reputation and fame. This was the starting point of Honda Motor Company development. People still argue over the exact date of brand’s foundation. What is known for sure is that the company proved to be the largest motorcycle producer in the world by 1963.

This was the time to conquer other segments and expand its influence on the entire industry. That is why the logo was essential for such purposes. Honda japanese car brand introduced a simple yet recognizable logo, consisting of an “H” letter embedded into a trapezoidal from. Now the Honda symbol is one of the most recognizable and eminent badges in automotive market. It represents magnificence, durability and confidence of every vehicle produced under company’s name.

Logo Description

Honda Symbol

The Honda logo depicts attractive and stylish letter ”H” inscribed in Roman style which gives it a simple yet eye-catching look. Another feature that makes this badge so popular in comparison with others is its bold font.

Shape of the Honda Symbol

Honda Emblem

Honda has various logos for different departments. But all badges have one single basic which is confined in letter “H”. For example, Honda motorcycles have the famous Honda Wings badge while letter “A” can be found on the bodies of Acura autos. It actually looks more like reversed letter “H”. Traditional badge is broader on top and thinner at the bottom.

Color of the Honda Emblem

The Honda symbol features liver-grey metallic tone that adds inspiring and radiant look for the logo. At the same time it looks simple, elegant and stylish. Such combination represents the philosophy of the brand which is based on magnificence, durability and confidence.

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