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The world-famous Lamborghini brand is associated by many people on the planet with high-speed, fashionable, and expensive cars, which only millionaires can afford to purchase. Today, Lamborghini cars are considered one of the symbols and attributes of a luxurious lifestyle. Stylish, high-quality, expensive, with unique exclusive components, auto lovers from all over the world literally fall in love with it. Every model of the brand is distinguished by a unique, selective design, the development of which is done by the leading auto designers of our time. Most models have unique technical innovations. An original exclusive Lamborghini Museum was established in 2001. It is noteworthy that Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the brand, was the full owner of the company for only 9 years.

Meaning and History

Lamborghini Logo history

The Lamborghini logo shows a bull or Taurus that is the brand founder’s zodiac sign. Ferruccio Lamborghini was extremely interested in Spanish bullfighting sport that is also shown in the logo. Bullfighting is the main part of Lamborghini’s style. Furthermore many Lamborghini cars are called as famous bulls. Ferruccio Lamborghini is usually accused of logo’s similarity to Ferrari’s logo. It was not considered to be an accident from Ferruccio, who had a lingering rivalry with Ferrari.

1952 – 1963

Lamborghini Logo 1952

The original logo of the luxury automaker was created in 1952 and looked very simple yet stable and sharp. It was a large equilateral triangle, formed of three smaller triangles in white, gray, and black, with the letters FLC in a medium-weight sans-serif typeface placed on the triangles. The letters on a white and gray background were written in black, while the “L” on the black segment was white.

1961 – 1963

Lamborghini Logo 1961

The original Lambo logo included a triangle with equal sides, divided inside into three more equal triangles. In each of this, they placed a letter: ‘F’ in top left, ‘L’ in top right, ‘C’ in the bottom. The former two were somewhat warped to make it seem like the figure has more volume. For this reason, the ‘C’ is also shorter.

1963 – 1972

Lamborghini Logo 1963

This logo is connected with Lamborghini’s interest for fighting bulls. The interest’s history goes far in 1962 when Ferruccio Lamborghini had come to the Seville farm of famous Eduardo Miura, a Spanish who was a well-known breeder of Spanish brutal fighting bulls. This emblem depicts a burgundy shield with a black border and a black-and-white engraving of a bull inside. Beneath it, there is the word ‘Lamborghini’, written in a cursive grey writing.

1972 – 1974

Lamborghini Logo 1972

Lamborghini become so impressed looking for the majestic Miura bulls that he derived to adopt a fighting bull as the sign for the automaker Lamborghini would open shortly. Don Eduardo Miura was really glad and surprised when Lamborghini called one of the vehicles “Miura”. The shield is now almost complete black and includes a golden bull in the same position as before. There is also a strip of gold near the top edge of the shield with the black letters inside composing the name ‘Lamborghini’.

1974 – 1998

Lamborghini Logo 1974 The 1974 logo is once more a black-and-white logo. The shield is now smaller and mostly white, save for the border around it, parts of the bull image and the word ‘Lamborghini’ below the top edge. Beneath the emblem, there is a bigger word ‘Lamborghini’, written in a typical sans-serif font with some tilt. It’s completely black.

1998 – 2024

Lamborghini Logo 1998

The 1998 logo is just the shield now. That being said, it’s much more detailed. For starters, it’s wider and colored in a combination of gold and black. The bull was placed in the center. Instead of being a simple image, they painted it various shades of gold (where the volume, details or perspective need to be emphasized). The written bit is even higher up in the shield, now using tall, lean letters of a typical sans-serif font.

2024 – Today

Lamborghini Logo

The redesign of 2024 has kept all the most recognizable elements of the iconic Lamborghini logo but refined them and switched the color palette to a lighter and more elegant one. The bright yellowish shade of gold from the previous badge got lighter and smoother, gaining grayish shades. The Taurus is now contoured and has thick golden lines with black internal elements. The frame of the crest got thinner, and so did the bars of the lettering. The logotype, written on top of the badge, has kept its style but started looking more fine in thinner lines.


The Lamborghini logo symbolizes the founder’s zodiac character – the Taurus or a bull. Ferruccio’s love of bullfights was depicted in the logo and Lamborghini cars get their styles from famous bulls. The golden bull ready for bullfights is depicted on the black shield with the golden title “Lamborghini” above. The bull represents Lamborghini sports cars’ power.


Lamborghini symbol

The shape of the Lamborghini symbol depicts a shield and demonstrates golden snorting bull. The emblem was symbolical like any other car logos. This bull represents consistency, fortitude and power. Being a manufacturer of high-quality sporting cars, the logo has immense recognition deeply along with other brand logos. The bull symbol actually signs founder’s, Ferruccio, zodiacal sign (Taurus), besides; it is obviously attended by the manufacturer’s title, Lamborghini. Contrary to some other “patriot” Italian manufacturers, Lamborghini does not apply the Italian colors on its symbol.


The famous golden Taurus with a black field of the Lamborgini symbol holds great similarity to the horse and yellow field of the Ferrari symbol. The similarity was not just a coincidence, since Ferruccio has a longstanding rivalry with Ferrari. Since the golden bull in the Lamborghini symbol depicts excellence and wealthy tradition of the manufacturer, the black color reflects its power, prestige, elegance and integrity.


Lamborghini emblem

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