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Chrysler Logo Meaning and History

Chrysler Logo history

When Walter Chrysler united some great engineers to establish a new american automotive brand, he had a distinct idea to create affordable luxury passenger cars to compete with the best in the class, such as GM’s Cadillac and Ford’s Lincoln. They introduced innovative engineering solutions to put their cars ahead of the time. Soon Walter decided to establish the Chrysler Corporation that would embrace such companies as Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouth.

Chrysler division was meant to be an upscale make in the company’s hierarchy. Through the long history the brand has seen ups and downs and eventually merged with the Italian giants FIAT to become part of the FCA US. According to the Group’s plan, Chrysler is set to be marketed as a mainstream brand with certain premium features.

Chrysler Car Logo

As a premium make in the Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler division required a special logo that would appeal to the customers. In 1924 Oliver Clark, who made part of the engineering team around Walter Chrysler, came up with two emblems that were meant to become the brand’s iconic symbols for years to come. The original logo represented a wax seal that symbolized the approval of Chrysler vehicles’ quality. It was matched with a blue ribbon in the lower right side.

Silver-winged radiator figure was another creation of Oliver Clark. The wings represented the speed of the Roman god Mercury. These two iconic symbols have always been associated with the company and were united into one logo at certain times. In 1930s the seal was placed in the middle of the wings for the first time. In 1940s Chrysler introduced a new emblem, with the seal placed onto a heraldic shield with a crown on top, Chrysler inscription and silver wings supporting it.

Later on Chrysler used different variations of the shields and silver wings. The famous Chrysler Pentastar emblem was used as a corporate symbol, but was not placed on radiator grills. It was used as a decoration on the hoods of several models instead. In 1980 Chrysler was experimenting with the fonts in search of a modern look, but came back to the roots and created another combination of the wings and the famous wax seal that decorated all the vehicles from mid 1990s. The seal was embedded into an oval that lied in between the wings.

Chrysler Emblem

However, after the Chrysler’s takeover by FIAT, the company’s designers came up with the latest version of the winged emblem which was deprived of a wax seal. The word Chrysler is now placed on navy blue background aimed to remind of a historic blue ribbon. The wings became somewhat elegant and noble.

Logo Description

The story of the winged Chrysler logo dates back to the very roots of the company. The latest graphic winged badge, introduced after the company’s takeover by FIAT, saw the circle with the famous wax seal being replaced with a stylish Chrysler inscription on deep blue background. Another Chrysler word lies above the winged symbol.

Shape of the Chrysler Symbol

Chrysler Symbol

The latest edition of Chrysler’s famous winged logo sees a pair of elegant silver wings matched with a Chrysler inscription on deep blue background in the middle. Despite the elimination of historic wax seal sign, the logo represents the company’s legacy through the trademark silver wings and looks sophisticated and modern thanks to graceful shape and noble silver color.

Color of the Chrysler Logo

Chrysler Company Logo

The current Chrysler logo is basically designed in several shades of silver and grey. The Chrysler inscription is light silver at the top and saturates to dark silver at the bottom. The winged emblem is all silver with some shades being close to black color. The silver Chrysler word in the middle lies on navy blue background.

Chrysler Emblem

Chrysler Car Symbol

Chrysler logo

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