Affordable car brands for college students

What is college? It`s time for new experiences, people, adventures, parties, trips, freedom, and, of course, hard studies. Even though many students save money to pay for essays online when they feel exhausted, some of them can save enough to buy a car. A car is a real treasure in college: you can pick up your friends, drive on and off campus, have weekend trips, and even make some money giving people a ride. Of course, the most affordable car is the used one, but still, many car manufacturers offer great discounts for students for brand-new vehicles: you only need to show your student ID. In this guide, we will talk about the top popular car brands that offer the best deals for college students.

Top recommendations on the car brands

Car makers know very well how hard it is for a college student to buy a car and how necessary this car sometimes is. For this reason, they are happy to provide you with exclusive deals, rebates, special financing, and discounts to make this purchase more affordable for you. On this list, you can find the best offers from car manufacturers (but don`t forget to check the peculiarities of each program):

1. Acura

This brand offers a college graduate program with a discount of $500 for recently graduated and current students. Thus, you can save money if you buy or lease a new model of the car. Besides, you will also have an option to put off your car payments for 90 days, which is a great plus. To qualify for this program, you need to provide a copy of your diploma or student ID and meet the minimum requirements to receive a credit;

2. Toyota

One of the best companies providing affordable cars for students becomes Toyota. The top five models young people usually choose are Yaris, Camry, Corolla, Prius, and RAV4: all of them have excellent characteristics and don`t cost a fortune (especially if you buy a used car). The top qualities of Toyota are security, diversified model range, design, and, of course, cost-efficiency. Besides, it also offers $500 off a new car and competitive interest rates for college graduates;

3. Nissan

Such models as Sentra, Versa, and Note (2017) have become top purchased among college students. They all come with a generous number of features, spacious interior, increased cargo area, and impressive fuel economy. Besides, the company also offers up to $500 for new models if you are going under the college grad program. The great thing is that this discount can be combined with other offers and promotions of this manufacturer: for example, the college Leaf program with $150 off for a Nissan Leaf;

4. Honda

The models Accord, Civic, and CR-V were recognized as the best ones for college students last year and for a good reason. They all have modern braking systems, impressive interior with a touchscreen, low operating costs, good safety and driver-assisting features, enough space, and even Bluetooth connectivity. You can count on a $500 discount from Honda if you lease or purchase a new vehicle meeting company`s monthly income requirements;

5. Hyundai

These sedans are a perfect fit for college students on a tight budget. You can choose from such models as Elantra (premium audio system, drive mode, and comfortable interior), Accent (power sunroof, heated front seats, blind-spot, and forward collision safety features), and Veloster (it has a sportier look and asymmetrical design with such features as quick acceleration, sport metal pedals, and easy handling). Besides, the brand offers students great SUVs such as Kona (LED headlights, maneuverability, and additional safety features) and Tucson (built for adventurous people with adaptive cruise control and keyless entry). College graduated can count on $400 off the purchase just showing their diploma;

6. Dodge

Young people pick this brand for many reasons: first, it safe as the company takes good care of the equipment (over 60 safety features). The car is extremely affordable and possible to get for around $160 per month. It is efficient as it has a perfect balance of power and performance, and it also has many cool tech features that every student will dream of seeing in his or her car. Buying Dodge, you receive great quality for a great price.

In addition to these top six car manufacturers offering great affordable models for students and recent graduates, you can also consider such brands and Chevrolet, RAM, and Buick that can serve for many years and never let you down in complex situations on the road (especially pickups that are so popular in the US). They all offer good deals, programs, and discounts for students, and even if you prefer to buy a used car, it will be as good and safe to drive (although it needs to be carefully checked first). Don`t forget about regular monthly payments, maintenance, and insurance to avoid any unpleasant situations.