Ariel Logo

Ariel Logo

It is one of the smallest car manufacturing companies in the UK, located in Somerset. Throughout its history, the company has released only three car models: Ariel Atom, Ariel Atom2, and Ariel Atom3. The Ariel Atom 3 is the most powerful model in the lineup.

Meaning and history

Ariel Logo

Since its establishment, the company has only used one logo. It has the shape of an orange circle, inside which there is a stylized letter ‘A’, reminiscent of a road leading into the distance. Instead of the usual horizontal line that we are all used to seeing in the traditional letter ‘A’, a circle is used here to launch two parts of the letter. Below this symbol is the name of the company in capital letters also in orange color.

Emblem and symbol

Ariel Emblem

The logo of the company is made in orange color, which, together with the letter ‘A’, symbolizing the road, speaks of the company’s self-knowledge, the desire to develop, and the search for adventure.

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