Car logos with horse

Car logos with horse

Many automobile brands seek to use symbols of speed, agility, and power in their logos, so it’s not surprising that horse has become their spirit animal. Let’s find out which companies have a horse logo car.


Ferrari Logo

One of the pilots of the Alfa Romeo team since 1920 was a very young and ambitious Enzo Ferrari. Although Enzo had no very many victories in races over his entire considerable career, thanks to one of them, namely the Circuito di Savio of 1923, Ferrari met Count Enrico Baraca. And he, in turn, was the father of the legendary fighter pilot, the hero of war and the idol of millions of Italians, Francesco Baracca. According to one legend, on the fuselage of the airplane Francesco flaunted a prancing stallion. It was a family coat of arms, which subsequently Countess Paolina (mother of Francesco) gave Enzo with the words: “Ferrari, depict in your car a rearing horse that was painted on board my son’s plane. His emblem will bring you good luck. ”

However, the debate about the origin of the “rampant horse” does not end there. There are versions that the “reared horse” got on board the Francesco airplane as a trophy from a German plane shot down by him, which was fashionable at that time.


Porsche Logo

There are two versions regarding the origin of the Porsche logo. According to the first, the logo was born on a napkin in a restaurant in New York in 1951, when Ferry Porsche met with Max Hoffman. According to another version, Max Hoffman insisted on creating a memorable logo, but he was drawn by a notorious person in the history of the Volkswagen concern, engineer Franz Rimespiss.

The modern Porsche logo appeared in 1952. The rearing horse on the logo symbolizes the German city of Stuttgart, which was founded on the site of a stud farm, and the horns and black and red stripes are taken from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg.


Mustang logo

When creating the model, creators couldn’t decide on a name and logo. After discussions, they settled on horses … But the wild mustang, as it turned out, had nothing to do with it. During the development stage, the had a completely different name – Cougar (panther) – and had the corresponding figure on the radiator. However, the creators decided to switch to Mustang right before starting to produce car series, and they did so not because the car resembled the animal. It was reminding of a P-51 Mustang battle plane used during the war! It had a very characteristic silhouette: a long fuselage and a very small cockpit fit perfectly into the overall picture of the car. Only later the logo with a galloping horse was developed to match the name.


Kamaz logo

The emblem depicting a horse was not chosen by chance. This is not just a horse, but a prairie horse – Argamak (stallion of Akhal-Teke breed). They are acknowledged for their beauty, mind, and devotion to the owner. On the other hand, the horse is a symbol of speed, power, and determination. The ancestors of the present Argamaks carried riders of the troops of Darius and Alexander the Great. Due to the unusual qualities of these horses, the Chinese emperors started a war, considering them one of the treasures of the Silk Road.

The Kamaz enterprise was built from scratch in the Kama steppes, so the KAMAZ emblem is a kind of tribute to the Tatar traditions and at the same time a successful symbol that characterizes the excellent technical characteristics of the car itself.


Baojun logo

Another horse symbol car, Baojun uses this animal because it’s translated from the Chinese as “a precious horse”. In this case, a horse also depicts power and speed. Since 2019, the company introduced The Diamond Badge logotype.


Carlsson logo

Carlsson is a German car tuning manufacturer that mostly works with Mercedes-Benz cars. It was founded by brothers Rolf and Andreas Hartge in 1989 who decided to choose the horse car brand as the symbol of power and striking speed of famous German cars.


Eicher logo

This is an Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer that was founded in 1948 when Goodearth Company was established for the distribution and service of imported tractors. In 1959, the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd was founded to work in collaboration with Eicher tractor company (Germany). Their horse head logotype is quite minimalistic and reflects the power and might of the animal.


Pegaso horse symbol car name was a great idea for the Spanish company that specialized in the production of tractors, armored vehicles, and sports cars. Pegaso was created in 1964 and existed until 1994. Its logotype seems to be borrowed from Carlsson – they use exactly the same horse silhouette, but in this case, it’s circled. Surprisingly, the horse has no wings.


IKCO logo

IKCO is an Iranian automaker that was founded in 1962 and specialized in passenger cars, as well as trucks, minibusses, and buses. There’s no information concerning the history of their logo, but the choice was definitely right as the cars of this brand are highly valued for reliability and affordable prices.

TVS Motor

TVS Motor logo

This brand is considered to be the best two-wheeler in India. TVS motors logo features blue letters and a galloping horse – the symbol of speed, movement, and ceaseless development.

Corre La Licorne

Corre La Licorne logo

The first cars of this brand were named Corre. It was founded by a driver called Waldemar Lestienne, who came from an old family with a crest featuring a unicorn and decided on adopting the name Corre La Licorne. Nevertheless this was a long name for a small car, and by the 1950s, even in France, the car was generally remembered simply as the Licorne. The unicorn is the Corre family crest that looks very elegant and atmospheric.

When it comes to car logos, there’s no better choice than a horse: powerful, fast, fair, and dedicated to its owner – all the features of this animal are applicable to high-quality cars. The horse is one of the most generous animals, so it’s also the sign of nobleness and dignity. It’s not surprising that most of the above-mentioned brands are highly valued for their speed and agility.