Car logos with lion

Car logos with lion

Many car brands are inspired with animals when creating their logotypes. What can be a better symbol of power and authority than a lion? Let’s observe the car brands that use the king of the jungle as their ‘mascot’.


Proton logo

Initially, the logo of this Malaysian automobile company at first looked like a crescent and a star with fourteen ends. In the late nineties, the updated car with lion symbol was present: there is a head of a lion (some say it’s a tiger head) and an inscription with the brand name. The roaring lion reminds of the roar of a speeding car, as well as of speed and agility of Proton cars.


Peugeot logo

In traditional European heraldic symbolism, the best lion qualities are generosity, strength and noble courage. Maybe that is why the French province of Franche-Comté – the territory of the former free duchy of Burgundy, chose a golden lion to be displayed on its coat of arms – crowned with a crown, rising and growling. This lion, with minor amendments, later migrated to the Peugeot emblem.

Since 1858, the logo depicted a lion proudly pacing along the arrow. In 1927, a lion is portrayed as if crouched on three legs on the edge of a cliff, ready to attack and tear up the victim. In 1998, the lion changes again – a noble blue color appears, and the silhouette of the heraldic lion is strictly cut out in a square, and the signature “Peugeot” appears again from below. The logo looks dynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

In 2002, the logo changes again. A black shade is added to the blue to show the shadow of the lion, and the composition of name and logo is put inside a square. The modern logotype was introduced in 2010.


Roewe logo

The Chinese lion logo car has a red and golden coat of arms. It’s not clear what exactly served as the reason to use the lion on the emblem. Some state that Roewe is made out of the Chinese characters Róng and wēi, which generally signifies “glorious power”, the name is a transliteration of Rover, in spite of the fact that SAIC has expressed that it is gotten from Löwe, the German word for lion. Loewe, articulated much like Roewe by Chinese speakers, is likewise the name of a Spanish producer of luxury leather goods.


Büssing logo

This is a German truck manufacturer that was established in 1903. From the very start, the company implemented the Brunswick Lion emblem – a very popular logotype for companies in Braunschweig. Since 1971, Büssing company belongs to MAN AG, but its logotype did not change.


logo HoldenThe logo, or “Holden lion and stone” as it is known, has assumed a crucial role in setting up Holden’s character. In 1928, Holden’s Motor Body Builders hired Rayner Hoff to plan the design. The logo alludes to an ancient tale, wherein perceptions of lions moving stones prompted the creation of the wheel.

With the 1948 dispatch of the 48-215, Holden updated its logo and introduced another design in 1972 to represent the organization better. The image was revised again in 1994.

Holden logo demonstrates a strong representation of a thundering lion moving a wheel. It was in its name whom the nature of a lion was appeared, being a ruler and fearless creature. Holden vehicles indeed look like a ruler of the road.


INKAS logo

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is the leading division of the INKAS group of companies, specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of armored vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, automobiles for dignitaries, special purpose armored vehicles, armored passenger vehicles, cashier vehicles and others. Since 1996, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been providing armored vehicles for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, corporate and individual clients around the world. The lion car emblem is used to emphasize the strength and buetprooof protection of INKAS vehicles. The lion holds a sword, ready to defend the car owner in any case.

As you see, the lion logotype is used by cars that boast reliability and strength. This animal is considered to be the king, and its main qualities are power, courage, authority and wisdom. A great idea for car logotypes! It’s not surprising that lion emblem is often selected by car brands that focus on production of heavy-duty vehicles.