Car logos with wings: The Complete List

Car logos with wings

Did you know that many car brands were inspired to use wings for their logotypes? This is a very symbolic choice for the automobile industry. Let’s observe 15 brands who use wings for their logos and what motivated them to do so.

1. MINI (United Kingdom)

Mini logo

MINI is a British car brand possessed by BMW since 2000. The affiliate serves to produce little vehicles. The Mini symbol, utilized since 2001, is inspired by previous logos and highlights the brand name, written in capitalized letters, put inside an exquisite dark circle, which is placed between the silver wings that express the speed and absolute freedom.

2. London EV Company (United Kingdom)

London EV Company logo

London EV Company Limited (LEVC) is another British car building organization with its home office in Coventry, UK. By the way, it’s owned by the Chinese automaker Geely. The organization is popular for its London dark taxi cabs. The horse head with winds reminds of a Pegasus, the symbol of speed.

3. Chrysler (United States)


Chrysler is an American extravagant vehicle brand and the premium brand of automaker FCA US LLC. The most recent release of Chrysler’s celebrated winged brand image exhibits a couple of exquisite silver wings joined with a Chrysler engraving on dark blue background in the center.

4. Aston Martin (United Kingdom)

Aston Martin logo

Aston Martin is a British maker of extravagance sports vehicles and excellent tourers. It was established in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The winged brand image was first introduced in 1927, with the organization’s name written on a couple of white wings. It has since been upgraded and improved, keeping in accordance with contemporary design. A wing is a conventional image of speed, dreams, changes, and discovery of limits.

5. Bentley (United Kingdom)

Bentley logo

Bentley is a British organization that creates and develops premium motorcars which are mostly hand-assembled. It is an affiliate of Volkswagen AG. The “Big B” seal of Bentley comprises of 2 flying wings that imply Bentley’s technological superiority.

6. Morgan (United Kingdom)

Morgan logo

Morgan is a family business, British engine vehicle producer that was established in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Here’s how they commented the recent update of their logotype: “This variant is a combination of the current Wings, the adaptation of the Wings found on the facade of our autos and an update to make it more contemporary.”

7. JBA Motors (United Kingdom)

JBA Motors logo

JBA Motors was an organization situated in Norwich, Norfolk that produces the JBA Falcon. The company was initially named JBA Engineering and the name originated from the principal letter of the surnames of the three founders of the firm: Kenneth Glyn Jones, John Barlow, and David George Ashley.

8. Genesis (South Korea)

Genesis logo

Genesis Motors is the premium vehicle division of the South Korean vehicle producer Hyundai Motor Group. Its symbol is “Flying Wing”.

9. Suffolk Sportscars (United Kingdom)

Suffolk Sportscars logo

Suffolk Sportscars Ltd is the perfect work of art of Roger Williams. Roger established the business 20 years back, which was at first committed exclusively to the creation of SS100s, afterward – C-types and throughout the years diversifying into deals, support, restorative works and an assortment of exemplary vehicles.

10. Mazda (Japan)


Mazda is a Japanese global automaker situated in Fuchū, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The current Mazda logo has been existing since 1997. It includes the organization’s name presented by the stylized letter “M”. The unmistakable and delicately bent “M” looks very elegant and sleek reminding us of wings.

11. Hillman (United Kingdom)

Hillman logo

Hillman is a British vehicle brand developed by the Hillman Motor Car Company, established in 1907. The organization was situated in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, England. Its retro styled logotype rather reminds of aviation sphere, which highlights the agility and speed of their automobiles.

12. Alta (Greece)

Alta logo

Alta was a Greek producer of lightweight and three-wheeler trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles. Its truck with wonderful design and top quality was a standout amongst the best vehicles of its sort in Greece.

13. Rezvani (United States)

Rezvani logo

Rezvani Motors is a car designer and producer of superior cars situated in Irvine, California. The Rezvani emblem comprises wings to speak to shows its experience and origins from aviation; dashing stripes and the steering wheel speak of the brand’s energy and commitment to driving.

14. Lagonda (United Kingdom)

Lagonda logo

Lagonda is a British premium vehicle producer built up in 1906, which has been owned by Aston Martin since 1947. The Lagonda emblem consists of wings with the organization’s name composed over it. Despite looking minimalistic, it shows the freedom and power behind the brand and its production.

15. Hispano-Suiza (Spain)

Hispano-Suiza logo

Hispano-Suiza was a Spanish car/designing organization and, after World War II, a French flying motor and spare part producer. It is best known for its premium autos and avia motors pre-World War II. Wings signify its connection with aviation and origins of the brand.

16. Edsel (United States)

Edsel logo

From 1958 to 1960, Edsel was an affiliate company of Ford Motor Company, it specialized on production of middle-class automobiles. The emblem had the E letter on a green background with winds. Unfortunately, customers didn’t like either the brand name nor its old image. Later, wings were removed from the emblem.

17. Mercury (United States)

Mercury logo

It was another affiliate founded by Edsel Ford. This logotype was created in the 80’s, and it represents the image of Mercury’s winged helmet – three stripes were made to depict it. The dark silver color was chosen to represent the color of Mercury.

18. Reliant (United Kingdom)

Reliant logo

This brand was established in 1935 and even filed bankruptcy during the years of its existence. Today, it still exists and takes pride in its emblem. Reliant cars are adorned with a stylized eagle with its wings widely spread.

19. Venturi (Monaco)

Venturi logo

Venturi Automobiles is a Monaco-based company that focused on the creation of premium sports cars. Today, it created an electric automobiles. Initially, the brand emblem included a lot of heraldic elements, including an eagle with its spread wings – it was sitting under the sun. Today, only letter V left.

20. Ssang Yong (South Korea)

Ssang Yong logo

This is a pretty popular brand, but a rare person knows what’s behind its emblem. It depicts the winds and clutches of a dragon – a powerful and mighty creature. By the way, the brand name is translated as “two dragons”.