Harley Davidson Best Models

Harley Davidson Best Models

Harley Davidson is more than just a brand of motorcycles, it is a legend. The company took its place in history due to its heavy powerful bikes, with low engines, minimum of plastic elements, and an abundance of chrome.

The lineup of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is very wide and diverse – but only at first sight. The fact is that the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer has only four basic families, and different models are obtained by a minor modification of the chassis and installation of various attachments – saddles, fenders, steering wheels, fairings, lighting equipment, etc.

To better navigate the motorcycles of the legendary brand, you can check the Harley Davidson models codes, and we will show you the top-10 most successful models, produced by the company throughout the years.

  1.  Model 5-D Twin (1909)
    Model 5-D TwinThe Model 5-D Twin, which made its debut in 1909, was the first Harley-Davidson with a V-twin engine. It was equipped with a Schebler carburetor and automatic inlet valves, the main gear was carried out by the drive belt. The motorcycle was released in 27 copies.
  2.  F11 (1915)
    Harley-Davidson F11The F11 took the motorcycle world to a new level. For the first time, a three-speed gearbox, an automatic oil filter, and enlarged valves were used. This model revolutionized motorcycle production and proved that comfort can be combined with style and efficiency.
  3.  JH Two-Cam (1928)
    Harley Davidson JH Two-CamJH Two-Cam was the first non-sports motorcycle available to ordinary customers, on which the V2 engine was installed. Previously, this engine was used only on racing models of Harley-Davidson bikes.
  4.  DUO-GLIDE (1958)
    Harley Davidson DUO-GLIDE 1958Duo-Glide was the world’s first model with full rear pendulum suspension. The suspension could be adjusted to the desired weight of the rider. Regardless of the suspension, the bike had an ordinary spring saddle, creating a successful mix of old and new.
  5.  FLH Electra Glide (1965)
    Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide 1965FLH Electra Glide was a true representation of the brand’s values and principles — evolution, not revolution, which gave a start to one of the most successful model families of Harley Davidson.
  6.  XR-1000 (1983)
    Harley Davidson XR-1000 1983
    Efficient and powerful XR-1000 had a powerful engine with a working volume of 998 ccs, squeezing 180 km/h out of the bike. XR-1000 wasn’t the most popular model of its times, but its racing version called the Lucifer Hammer helped Jay Springsteen win the race at Dayton.
  7.  VRSCA V-ROD (2002)
    Harley Davidson VRSCA V-ROD 2002
    This motorcycle is capable of 115 horsepower at 8250 rpm – more than any other sports cruiser ever built by the company. Also, the 2002 V-Rod is one of the most award-winning motorcycles in Harley-Davidson history. Production of this bike was limited to only 11,000 copies.
  8.  VRSCSE2 (2006)
    Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 2006
    VRSCSE2 boasts not only performance. It combines excellent functionality with a spectacular appearance and is available in three color combinations. In addition to excellent steering, the motorcycle has a Revolution engine, which allows you to maneuver easily in tight traffic.
  9.  XR 1200 (2009)
    Harley Davidson XR 1200 2009
    Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Sportster 2009 release is made specifically for fans of speed and adrenaline. The bike has an ergonomic design and is made to meet the basic requirements for motorcycles of speed lovers. The main difference of the XR 1200 is that it is also possible to ride in an upright position thanks to its wide steering wheel, semi-trailers, and special leg support.
  10.  DYNA WIDE GLIDE (2010)

    Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide is made in the style of classic American 60s choppers. The main feature of this series is that the engine suspension uses rubber silent blocks, which significantly reduce the level of vibration.