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Jeep was first produced as a cheap and simple all-round vehicle. In other words it was a GP vehicle which stood for “General Purpose”. This can be one of the explanations regarding the name of the brand. Its cars were minimal with lack of comfort and built within a short period of time. This is why Jeep could also possibly stand for “Just Enough Essential Parts”.

Jeep Symbol

At the same time many auto enthusiasts associate the name of the brand with an imaginary animal that was famous as the fort jeep. It was believed to have special supernatural powers that were later proudly attributed to the vehicles made under Jeep brand.

Jeep Logo

In spite of all abovementioned facts the name Jeep made its way to fame after WWII becoming the most efficient and capable vehicle for military needs. Very few people doubted that it would eventually hit the headlines during the war.

At that time, however, the cars produced under the brand’s name did not actually hold any logo. It was in 1963 when the first object close to the now famous emblem appeared on the vehicles’ bodies. This was the time of serious changes for the whole american car company. It changed its name and adopted a circle depicting two red and gold quarters with letters ”Jeep” located in the center of the circle. Later the gold color was replaced by blue.

The most interesting fact about Jeep’s badge is that it can hardly be found on early and current models. They usually only put the name of the company on their vehicles while the logo is mainly used for various promotions and advertising campaigns.

Logo Description

The Jeep logo shows a car bonnet surrounded by two rounded figures located on both sides of the bonnet symbolizing headlights of the vehicle. The badge actually uses classic Helvetica Bold typeface. At the same time green vertical lines can also be found here. They are used to typify grills located between the headlights. As a rule the word “Jeep” is located above the grill and car bonnet on the dark-green background.

Shape of the Jeep Symbol

The shape of the Jeep logo differs from all other badges. It does not have any circles, shields, ovals, etc. It is actually made in form of typical classic radiator grill with two headlights on both sides and the company’s name above the bonnet.

Color of the Jeep Emblem

The color of the Jeep emblem has been changed several times throughout the brand’s history. The first badge that was officially registered in 1963 depicted a circle with gold and red quarters. Later on gold color was replaced with blue after the company had been acquired by AMC. The latest version of the logo has dark-green color. It was probably made to honor the glorious military past of “General Purpose” vehicles that proved to be reliable and practical. You will hardly meet this logo on the body of any model produced by Jeep. It is often used for promotions and ad campaigns. On the other hand the word “Jeep” is always placed above the bonnet of every model produced under the brand’s name making them recognizable all over the globe.

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