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KIA Logo history

Kia Motors, commonly known as Kia, is the second-largest South Korean manufacturer of automobiles and one the top car brands in the word, selling over three million vehicles annually. However, the company has had a thorny way to success as it started the business in 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts. Later on Kia went on to produce complete bicycles, Honda-licensed motorcycles and Mazda-licensed vehicles. The first cars built under Kia brand came out in 1973.

In late 1980s Kia expanded to the North American market and began to sell its cars under Ford nameplate. In 1992 Kia launched its own models in the US market, including Sephia and later on Sportage. In 1997 Kia went bankrupt but was salvaged by fellow-Korean manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company that acquired 51% of the company’s shares. Kia Motors went on to revive and turn into one of the leaders in the industry.

KIA Company Logo

As long as the company went from on area of activity to another, the logo has developed as well. As a bicycle manufacturer, Kia used a triple-diamond emblem, similar to that of Mitsubishi Motors, but containing a gear and a small diamond with the company’s name inside. That logo was designed in black color. In the 1960s, as Kia started produced licensed vehicles, a green circle was adopted as an emblem.

In the 1980s a new logo that consisted of blue-colored Kia name, was used. It was not before the beginning of the 1990s that the red Kia logo we are all used to was designed. The company’s name, printed in red letters and featuring a stylized ‘A’ without a horizontal bar was placed inside a red ellipse. This emblem has become part of the brand’s identity and is still used today with minor changes.

KIA Emblem

At the same time, Kia uses a different logo in several regions, including the domestic Korean market. It features a stylized ‘K’ letter on blue background. This composition is embedded into the black circle which also has the Kia Motors wording written on it.

Logo Description

KIA Symbol

The current emblem of Kia is very simplistic, featuring the company’s name placed on red background, embedded into the silver oval. However, the KIA logo has a specific feature that makes it particularly recognizable: the A letter misses the horizontal bar.

The color of the font and background may vary between silver, red, white and black depending on the application. The name of the company can be deciphered as ‘emerging out of Asia’, if translated from Korean.

Shape of the Kia Symbol

KIA Emblem

Kia logo is designed as a horizontally positioned ellipse, while the letters composing the company’s name are printed in custom font, specifically made for Kia Motors.

Color of the Kia Logo

Kia Logo

The corporate colors of KIA Motors are red and white. However, this palette was only adopted in the 1990s. White color is said to be representing purity, elegance and transparency towards the clients, while red exposes the brand’s determination in rapid development and makes part of the company’s slogan ‘The Power to Surprise’.

Kia Emblem

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KIA Logo

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KIA Emblem

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