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Koenigsegg is the name of a very reputable automaking company, which was established in the 1990s in Sweden and is best known for the design and production of high-end sportscars.

Meaning and history

Koenigsegg Logo history

The vehicles of the relatively your guy Swedish car brand are recognized as one of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. The excellence in design and perfect technical characteristics is what makes the Koenigsegg models luxury and perfect.

1994 – 2020

Koenigsegg Logo 1994

As for the visual identity, once designed in 1994 by Jacob Laftman, as it is an ideal representation of the brand and is extremely sophisticated and chic.

The colorful shield is based on the family coat of arms and is a celebration of the Koenigsegg legacy and roots. As for the modern inscription, it balances the look, adding an edgy contemporary feel to the image and elevating the logo to the new level.

There are two versions of the bright brand’s shield — flat and 3D, which are used depending on the needs and placement.

2020 – today

Koenigsegg Logo
The 2020 redesign took the same shield emblem and made it black-and-white. The borders, the symbol near the top and some rhombs became black. The rest, including the other half of the rhombic pattern, remained white. They utilized simple shapes throughout the emblem. The name bit was scrapped.


Koenigsegg Emblem

The red and yellow shield in a blue outline features a wide rhombus pattern and looks vivid and dynamic. The frame is thicker in its upper part and has thin delicate sides.

When placed on a light background, the emblem is accompanied by a wordmark in black, which adds authority and professionalism to the ornate image. Sometimes the brand places the shield inside a black square, in that case, the inscription is written in light silver, balancing the brutality and intensity.


The symbol on the top of the Koenigsegg shield, usually executed in yellow, is an insignia of Swedish airforce. First of all, it is a tribute to the company’s location, as it is based near the main airbase of the country. But it also symbolizes speed and freedom, perfectly reflecting the sound character of the brand.

Koenigsegg Logo


The font of the Koenigsegg logotype is a bold and elegant sans-serif with smooth traditional lines and distinct cuts. It is pretty close to House Sans Italic typeface, and the main feature of the brand’s inscription is its underline, which boats the same thickness as all the letters lines, making the logo balanced and solid.

Koenigsegg Logo


Koenigsegg car Logo

The combination of three bright colors — yellow, red, and blue, could be very tricky, but due to the exceptional design, it looks elegant and sleek on the Koenigsegg shield.

The colors symbolize energy and passion, framed in a sense of reliability and high quality. Black or silver-gray of the wordmark adds some serious and stable feeling and makes the whole logo look professional and strong.