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Peugeot is a French company that has a rich and glorious history and specializes mainly in the manufacturing of compact passenger cars. An unexpected, but indisputable fact, believe it or not, is that Peugeot is the oldest car brand in existence today. If this fact did not surprise you, then the surprise may be the date of the appearance of the first electric car of the brand. It happened in 1941. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the company produces racing, sports, and passenger cars, as well as bicycles, motorcycles, and car parts.

Meaning and History

Peugeot Logo history

Peugeot badge is among the most enduring and recognized logos in world’s automotive history. If it was not for this badge, the company could never reach the top and become one of the most prestigious auto producers over the globe. Brand’s crest has a very rich history. Numerous versions and changes have been made over decades including Famous Lion Car Logo.

1810 – 1850

Peugeot Logo 1810
The Peugeot logotype originates with a highly detailed line looking somewhere with a distinctive face and standing on large arrow. The whole logo was black and white.

1850 – 1889

Peugeot Logo 1850

Famous lion car logo firstly appeared in 1850 when company had nothing in common with auto mainly specialized in producing steel and blade goods. Image of lion was used to represent all good features and qualities of company’s products of that time. They included elastic blade, swift cut and strong teeth. Lion has been officially registered as trademark in 1858. Later it appeared on arrow of Peugeot Brothers in 1950.
The next logo was also a lion on an arrow. But they were even blacker.

1889 – 1910

Peugeot Logo 1889

French brand introduced its first vehicle in 1889. It had very little in common with autos that we are used to. In fact it had three wheels. Nevertheless it was a hit during that period of time. Moreover this model was also the first to bear brand’s name and its badge. Lion logo on the arrow was used between 1905 and 1915 on radiators of all models produced by Peugeot Bros. The 1889 version of the logo depicts a less detailed lion standing a fully black lion.

1910 – 1927

Peugeot Logo 1910
Another brand image was a lion roaring on some stone and holding a small arrow. The whole logo was styled as black and white pencil drawing.

1925 – 1936

Peugeot Logo 1925

1927 – 1936

Peugeot Logo 1927

1936 – 1948

Peugeot Logo 1936

First significant changes and modifications were made in 1936. It was decided to make lions a bit simpler and more dynamic.

Another logo was a yellow shield with a blue lion standing on an arrow. The shield had a blue contour, getting bolder on the right side. The arrow was drawn above multiple blue pikes.

1948 – 1950

Peugeot Logo 1948

This emblem was a black roaring lion standing on one foot.

1950 – 1955

Peugeot Logo 1950

Later new heraldic lion appeared on the bonnet of Peugeot cars starting from 1948.This was the time when iconic 203 model was eventually introduced to the public.

A yellow roaring lion was drawn over a blue rectangle with white strokes on it. All this was encased into a white rectangular frame.

1955 – 1960

Peugeot Logo 1955

In 1955 drastic changes took place inside the company. The brand got its new name and was called Peugeot S.A. since that time. It was a fresh start for the brand featuring modified logo. Designers decided to put the head of lion inside triangle shield which was later replaced by another structure which had the shape of square.

The lion was colored gradient golden, which gave the image a 3D effect. The black shield was contoured gradient silver white and had circles at the corners. At the top, they wrote the name with a custom white sans serif typeface.

1960 – 1968

Peugeot Logo 1960

They placed a lion head on a shield frame. The lion was drawn from a side. It opened its mouth and looked somewhere with a proud distinctive face. They wrote the name in a rounded position at the top of the shield. It had the same font as in 1955, but changed the color to blue.

1968 – 1970

Peugeot Logo 1968

1970 – 1975

Peugeot Logo 1970

1975 – 1980

Peugeot Logo 1976

In 1976 historical collaboration of Peugeot and Citroën was established. It gave a birth to the PSA Peugeot-Citroën holding company. Two years later the company became a separate division of Chrysler Europe. This was time for another change in logo. Directors decided to go back to heraldic lion in order to strengthen the image of the company. But it looked more sophisticated and refined. New logo was called “Lion fil”.

Below this minimalistic lion they put the name. The whole composition had black and white shades.

1980 – 1998

Peugeot Logo 1980

1998 – 2002

Peugeot Logo 1998

Another change of Peugeot crest took place in 1998. Lion got its paws showcasing the power and corporate balance of the company. Blue color was also added as association with forward-looking approach. Typeface of the name turned to a thinner, slimmer one. The logotype used white and gray shades for the lion and blue shades for the name and the square background for the animal.

2002 – 2010

Peugeot Logo 2002

Logo which was unveiled in 2002 is known as ”Blue Brand”. It also has a black lion shadow. They placed the lion and the name on a blue square background.

2010 – 2021

Peugeot Logo 2010
They renovated the icon of the lion again. A contour attended gradient gray and white shades, which give the lion 3D effect. Below the icon, they put the blue name of a thin sans serif type with rounded ‘E’ and ‘U’ characters.

2021 – today

Peugeot Logo
The 2021 logotype depicts the 1960 shield with the lion head on it. It shifted to a black shield outlined white. The name font was converted to a thin, straight and slim typeface with bigger gaps between sans serif letters.


Peugeot Car Emblem

Peugeot depicts a lion on the blue background with paws and shape. The lion is a historical image which was used from the very origins of the brand. At first only head of heraldic lion was used on the badge. Current logo also has lion’s as a symbol of balance, strength and flexibility. Black shadow was added in 2002making the badge look modern and elegant.


Peugeot Lion Symbol

Peugeot symbol is designed in shape of a lion which located above the company’s name. It is enclosed in blue square which symbolizes unique innovative approach of the company reflected in its every model. Numerous versions of lions were used throughout brand’s rich history. Eventually designers decided to go back to the origins with slightest changes.

Peugeot Car Symbol


Peugeot Car Emblem

Peugeot Emblem

Peugeot logo contains silver, blue and black colors. Blue is associated with forward-looking approach of major French automaker. Silver stands for innovations and traditions brought by enormous experience. Black color is mainly used as lion’s shadow.


Peugeot Brand Company Logo

Logo of Peugeot Car Brand