Rolls-Royce Logo

Rolls-Royce Logo

Rolls-Royce Logo Meaning and History

Rolls-Royce Logo history

Aside from the logo depicting two R and Rolls-Royce lettering, the cars of this manufacturer are also decorated with the famous Spirit of Ecstasy. This sign is the bonnet decoration on Rolls-Royce vehicles. It represents the figure of a woman inclining forwards with the arms outstretched back from and above her. Rolling cloth runs from the woman’s arms to her behind, resembling wings. This symbol means the spirit of this car, namely, speed with absence of vibration, silence, and the mysterious harness of great force and a beautiful alive organism of superb plenty.

All the vehicles from this manufacturer carry a hood decoration, a gorgeous woman rolling forwards, with the hands outstretched back from and above of. Such elegant and expensive symbol is called the beautiful “Spirit of Ecstasy”.

This woman bears with her, special piece of headland from her hands to her back which is symbolic of wings. The famous Spirit of Ecstasy that is well-known is referred to debonair names as Silver Lady, the Flying Lady or Emily. This glory of carmaker heritage holds a mysterious passion between the notable Lord of Beaulieu, a wealthy person and his secret inamorata – the model for this emblem. Her name is Eleanor Velasco Thornton. She belonged to a lower social and wealthy status which became a hindrance to the great love that is why their relationship remained hidden some time. The lord, by name John Walter ultimately finished succumbing to family tensions and marrying Lady by name Cecil Victoria Constance, however his secret love continued. Eleanor tragically died in December in 1915 in a crash of the ship while accompanying her lord to India. Four years later, this Lord immortalized their tragically love by unveiling Spirit of Ecstasy as a sign of their great passion and love.

Logo Description

Rolls-Royce Limited possesses a uniquely designed emblem, which elegantly reflects the company’s power and strength. The Rolls-Royce sign consists of two letters “R”, representatives of Royce and Rolls, the masterminds behind their successful brand. The manufacturer’s name “Rolls-Royce” became inscribed with a jerk in between, which represents the strong bond among the founders. Even despite the logo depicts simplicity with light modernism; it has founded the strongest and memorable symbol of all time.

Shape of the Rolls-Royce Symbol

Rolls-Royce symbol

This manufacturer’s sign has a rectangular form with curved edges that looks professional and sophisticated. The company title is enclosed within the rectangular shape, attaching it a symmetrical and realistic look. The framework of logo possesses three divisions; the first being in the center and larger, while others are similar in size and smaller. The font utilized in Rolls-Royce symbol is stylish and simple. The logo includes two “R”s, near the company name in innovative and unique style. The lower and the upper segments contain the name Rolls-Royce, whereas the center contains 2 “R”s that are closed together to make a vivid impression.

Color of the Rolls-Royce Logo

Blue color of this symbol projects the goodwill and boldness. The using of blue color stands for class, grace and excellence of the company, while the white color reflects elegance, purity and nobility. Simplicity is the main quality of the logo. Dull blue hue shapes the logo look astonishing and prominent, consequently representing the exclusive image of Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Emblem

Rolls-Royce emblem

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