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Saab company has a very long history, as well as his logotype. Let’s find out how Saab emblem changed throughout the century, and what it means.

Meaning and History

Saab Logo history

SAAB is a Swedish car company, whose name stands for Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget.

1891 – 1900

Saab Logo 1891

The first brand logo was a metal badge with the ‘Vabis’ inscription on it. The word is colored black and written in a sans serif font with large letters.

1900 – 1911

Saab Logo 1900

But it is worth noting that the very first emblem of this brand was “Tre krunor” – three yellow crowns on a blue background. The next logo depicted a three-ended part and a circle over it. The part was colored beige and had a variety of black dots, strokes on it and the ‘Malmo’ word at the top. There was also an image of crowned head of eagle at the center. The circle was colored black and had a triple beige-black & white outline. They wrote the inscription ‘Maskinfabriks Aktiebolaget Scania’

1911 – 1937

Saab Logo 1911
In 1911, they recolored the logo. Now it was deep blue with a golden outline. The three-ended detail got a yellow pattern similar to brickwork. The eagle was enlarged and its colors became much brighter. The whole logotype now was put inside a circular frame.

1937 – 1946

Saab Logo 1937

Its history begins in 1937 with the production of airplanes, and it was then that the first logo with the image of a twin-engine airplane with propellers and the inscription “SAAB” under it appeared.
The inscription was written in curve, colored black and had a slim sans serif type with large letters.

1946 – 1947

Saab Logo 1946

After the Second World War, the Swedes began to manufacture cars, and then the logo was changed – in 1946, a prototype of the model “92” with a red stamp in the form of a coat of arms – “The Ursaab Emblem” was produced. It was colored red and had a heavy frame. On it, we can see the ‘JC’ initials and some numbers.

1949 – 1963

Saab Logo 1949

In 1949, designers again remember the air past and a new logo appeared – the inscription SAAB is placed on a blue square with rounded corners, and under the inscription there are two chrome strips, stylized under the wings of the aircraft. The blue word has an elongated and thin font with large sans serif letters.

1963 – 1965

Saab Logo 1963

In 1963 wings are “separated” from the logo – the two-engine plane returned (front view). The logo was placed on the radiator false grille so that the wings of the plane fit into the cells of the grille. This emblem is very similar to the one that was in 1937, but the inscription itself has now lengthened. Above the plane, they placed their name that had an elongated, slim script with large angular letters.

1965 – 1967

Saab Logo 1965

In 1965, they renovated the logo, made more vivid and colorful.

1967 – 1969

Saab Logo 1967

In 1967, another major change took place – Saab Aktiebolag merges with Aktiebolag Scania-Vabis and the already renewed Saab-Scania company presents a new logo. The designers return to the twin-engine aircraft, which, together with the inscription “SAAB” above it, is placed on a well-known blue rectangle with rounded edges. Also, the inscription and the aircraft colors were turned white.

1969 – 1974

Saab Logo 1969

But since 1969, the SAAB grilles have only had a traditional inscription on them as a logo. It was colored dark blue, and had a heavy font with large angular letters connected to each other.

1974 – 1996

Saab Logo 1974

Ten years later, in May 1974, the company introduced a brand new logo with a crowned red griffin, a mythical creature with a lion body and an eagle head. The griffin was originally used on Scania logos and was borrowed from the Skane coat of arms. On the blue circular background, there were two circles, which intertwined each other. At the top, there was the ‘Saab’ inscription, while in bottom of the logo we can see the ‘Scania’ word.

1995 – 2000

Saab Logo 1995

In 1995, Saab shares were purchased by General Motors, and in 2000 by General Motors. “Saab-Scania breaks up and the SCANIA inscription disappears from the logo. Now there is only one white circle, which became an outline for a blue circle. At the center, we can see the griffin head and Saab inscription.

2000 – 2012

Saab Logo 2000

The new emblem is a circle with the logo “SAAB”, only in the first version it will be decorated in gray, and in the second – silver letters will be placed on a white background. The designers drew a bright spot on the circle and thereby made a 3D effect for it

2012 – 2014

Saab Logo
The 2012 brand logo was the ‘Saab’ word, written in an uppercase sans serif type colored gray. In this inscription, the large letters were connected to each other.


SAAB symbol

The Saab logotype is closely connected with the heraldry. The griffin is originally depicted on Skane coat of arms, which highlights the origins of the brand.