Your Guide to Effortless Car Hire Returns at Heathrow Airport

Your Guide to Effortless Car Hire Returns at Heathrow Airport

Renting a car is associated with pleasure and convenience. But it’s true only if you plan in detail and have hiring experience. So, what to do if you associate the day of returning a rented vehicle with anxiety and hassle? Don’t ruin a wonderful vacation with a spoiled mood on the departure day: it is worth considering some non-obvious but essential points to succeed. Read on to find out how to approach your Heathrow car hire return with peace of mind!

Cleanliness as the key to success

Keep your four-wheeled friend clean during your travel. Remove crumbs and dirt – so you don’t have to shake out car rugs at the last moment. The perfect idea is to purchase a portable vacuum cleaner or use seat covers! The latest option significantly helps travelers with children and animals, eliminating the risk of a stain or scratching the upholstery.

Critically inspect the vehicle for dirtiness the day before you should make a return hire car Heathrow. Schedule a final visit to a car wash to fix everything possible. Notify your car rental company of heavy breakdowns as quickly as possible since it takes time to cancel further plans for the broken vehicle. Theoretically, you can repair the problem and avoid a fine in case of stains or minor scratches. However, check out your insurance first so you don’t do extra work.

Focus on time management!

You receive a fine equal to a fixed fare percentage in the first few hours of late. More to come! A few hours late already results in a fine equal to the daily rate! It’s time to put aside your deadline-obsessed tendencies and leave early to avoid rushing. Remember, that nervous driver creates emergencies on the road. Hurrying up leads to speeding, ignoring traffic lights, and a concentration deficiency. Avoid thinking about the protagonist of the Taxi movie on the road and leave it as just a good movie!

Please note that there is often a queue at the car hire return Heathrow point. The time spent in line is considered as late as well! In addition, while waiting, you can miss boarding your flight. Plan early to avoid paying twice and to be in control.

Practice being thoughtful starting from the car renting stage. Choose a vehicle model based on your itineraries and passenger numbers. For a large company (or family), the 7-seater car hire option seems the most suitable. Renting one roomy four-wheeled friend will save money and fuel, reducing the time it takes to return a few smaller vehicles. Search for the optimal cars for 7 people in London on and book beforehand.

Concentration as your primary assistant

Pack the largest of your suitcases and bags as early as possible and load them in the car. Sometimes, it’s better to spend the last few hours of your vacation surrounded by boring empty shelves than to frantically rush around looking for lost items (or dealing with the lack of luggage space). If you’re sad about the set and settings, avoid sitting still. You can check out earlier and save time for attractions on the way to the Heathrow hire car return point.

Check the vehicle several times after unloading your luggage to ensure you took everything. Be sure to examine:

  • glove compartments,
  • cup holders,
  • sun visors,
  • car seat pockets,
  • under the seats (with a flashlight).

If the item you left behind is found, you will pay shipping. Be careful to save money and avoid unnecessary hassle after the trip.

Remember about the fuel level!

Remember about the fuel level!

Most companies require that you return the fully fueled car. Read the agreement terms carefully to pay attention to this aspect. If you ignore this condition, you risk paying through the nose for every litre of fuel subsequently.

To be sure, choose the closest to hire car return to Heathrow gas station to minimize fuel consumption. Be sure to keep the receipt, not to be unfounded in case. Consider refueling needs when planning the route from departure to the vehicle return. Plan your time. Petrol stations near Heathrow Airport are very engaged, so you risk being stuck in a queue longer than expected.

Don’t be lazy about taking photos!

Take photographs of the vehicle – upon uptake and return to avoid groundless charges and fines. Take photos of the inside and the outside – from different angles and in perfect lighting. Capture the odometer reading and the receipt from the last gas station. After the “photo shoot”, wait until an employee inspects the car, make sure there are no complaints, and sign the return document only then (if necessary).


Carefully read the contract terms and check the time available for car hire return to Heathrow airport. Calculate the time for each of the points mentioned above when planning the last day of your trip.

Solve all issues in advance to enjoy London’s attractions in peace and harmony with yourself. Check the best car rental options in London early to have a wide range of choices at affordable rates.