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Skoda Logo history

Škoda is a major car manufacturer from Czech Republic, selling over 1 million vehicles annually. The company originates from Laurin & Klement brand that started building cars in 1895. Later on it was acquired by Škoda Works, a large Bohemian industrial conglomerate, founded in 1859, and went on manufacturing vehicles under the Škoda name. The company became the leading Czechoslovak car manufacturer by 1939, but was forced to serve the German military needs during World War II occupation. The company revived after the war and went on to design several successful models, mainly rear-engined.

Skoda Emblem

However, the company failed to build solid reputation in North American market and concentrated on Europe. In 1991 Volkswagen bought a big stake of Škoda and invested in the brand’s development with an idea to turn it into their entry-level manufacturer. However, Škoda later began to build bigger and better-trimmed models, based on Volkswagen range, and became highly competitive in European market.

The company’s most successful models are Octavia, Rapid, Fabia, Yeti and Superb.

Skoda Logo

In the early years the vehicles produced by the company bore the Laurin and Klement logo on the grills. It was composed of golden L and K letters on red background, embedded into a circle, ornamented with flowers. After takeover by Škoda Works, the L&K logo was dropped and a new iconic badge was designed. It featured an arrow with a wing, symbolizing aspiration for the future and moving forward. Another association was a headdress of an Indian with five feathers.

The logo was designed in blue and white colors, and became a memorable symbol that was destined to become a long-standing representation of the Czech manufacturer.

It was only in 1990 that the emblem changed its main color to green and acquired a black circle around it, bearing the ŠKODA Auto inscription on it. In 1999 the 3D effect was added to the logo, and white color was replaced with silver.

The latest update was made in 2011, depriving the emblem of a black circle with the company’s name, replacing it with an elegant silver ring. The logo also changed its color from deep green to light green. The emblem placed on latest cars featured black background, adding trustworthiness to the brand image.

Logo Description

New and old Skoda Logo

The present Škoda emblem, introduced in 2011, represents a good old winged arrow, designed in green color. This iconic symbol is placed on white background and is embedded into black and silver 3D circle. Apart from color and some trimming elements, the logo has not changed since 1926, being a widely recognizable car symbols in Europe.

Shape of the Škoda Symbol

Skoda emblem

The main element, composing the Škoda emblem, is embedded into the circle. It represents a stylized arrow, facing the right direction. The arrow is completed with a wide wing making a daring waft upwards. Some people note the logo’s resemblance to an Indian’s headdress with several feathers. Anyway, the symbol’s shape represents an ambitious moving forward and constant development of the manufacturer.

Color of the Škoda Logo

Skoda Symbol

The emblem of Škoda is widely associated with green color as it is the main tone of the emblem’s central figure. However, it was only introduced in 1990 to represent the company’s new start in automotive world, fresh approach to car manufacturing as well as environmental concern. Although green remains the brand’s corporate color, the emblems installed on Škoda cars are designed on black background to add more elegance and style.

Škoda Emblem

Skoda Car Symbol

Skoda Car Emblem

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Skoda symbol

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